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About Valsalva Wave Pro:

1) Does Valsalva Wave Pro do what Heartmath emWave does?

Yes, and no. Valsalva Wave Pro allows us to monitor and train the Valsalva Wave, the Heart Rate (heart rate variability), and the pulse wave. Valsalva Wave Pro also facilitates "coherence" in a different manner than does emWave. At present, Valsalva Wave Pro does not provide games, emotional visualizers, etc.

2) How does Valsalva Wave Pro measure "coherence"?

Valsalva Wave Pro allows us to train coherence of the Valsalva Wave, the heart rate, or both simultaneously. The primary "coherence" training approach involves breathing synchronously at the frequency of .085 Hz., essentially 5 breaths per minute in such a way as to align the Valsalva Wave and heart rate so that they are approximately 180 degrees out of phase, and, spectral power is centered around .085 Hz. See Valsalva Wave option #22 or Heart Rate option #19.

3) What are the advantages/disadvantages of monitoring at the ear vs the finger?

Because the distance between the chest and the ear lobe is shorter and the vascular impedance is lower, we see blood activity in the ear lobe align very closely (in near real time) with respiration. Because the finger tip or thumb is further away and the vascular system is narrower, there may be a delay of several seconds as observed, relative to respiration. In other words, both Valsalva Wave and heart rate cycles may lag respiration by 3-6 seconds depending on the state of the body.

4) I notice that the sensor can "pick up" the Valsalva Wave correctly without picking up the pulse rate and therefore the heart rate. Why is this?

The Valsalva Wave phenomenon is "larger", slower, and more easily detected that the heart beat. For this reason, depending on sensor coupling to the body, the Valsalva Wave may be picke up when the heart rate is not.

5) How should the sensor be applied detect both Valsalva Wave and heart rate accurately?

As a rule, the sensor should be applied as loosely as possible, yet still accurately detect the pulse. After applying the sensor, go to Get Started, Basic Signals to check the integrity of the signals. In particular, make sure that the Pulse Wave is being detected accurately. Heart rate is derived from the Pulse Wave.

6) If I'm already using Coherent Breathing, do I need Valsalva Wave Pro?

Valsalva Wave Pro allows us to observe the first order effects of Coherent Breathing. In this regard, it is a useful adjunct to Coherent Breathing.

7) Does Valsalva Wave Pro provide audio feedback?

The instrument is capable of audio thresholding and feedback for each screen. However, it has not yet been enabled. This capability is planned for 1st quarter 2010. Thank you for your patience.